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Trouble in Paradise

January 26, 2007

A long time ago, Reddit ( used to be awesome. Not anymore.

A little while ago, someone posted a link to a picture of the old Reddit; the way Reddit used to look before it got popular. Pretty much every link on the Hot page was something tech related, or something else interesting. Sure, everyone one of those links was submitted by Paul Graham, but they were all good links. Even when I joined Reddit a few months ago, there was still an influx of good news stories. Reddit was awesome.

Now, you have to go to programming if you want to see anything mildly stimulating; and those links are only good half the time. Take a look at the Reddit Hot page right now, and it will probably look something like this:

1 ) George Bush is stupid
2 ) Today’s XKCD comic
3 ) Why all the cool kids are converting to atheism
4 ) Bush is still stupid
6 ) Lisp programmers have higher IQs than Java programmers
7 ) You should move to Canada!
8 ) Guy talks with a bug [video, funny]
9 ) He’s still stupid

And so on and so forth. That’s not awesome. Not by a long shot.

I can only assume this is the price a social bookmarking site must pay for popularity. Reddit is about what the community likes, not what an individual likes; and now the community consists primarily of 20-year-old ultra-liberal Python programmers.

At least I know I’m not the only one who has a problem with the new Reddit. Unfortunately, meta-links of the “Guys, we need to vote up cooler links” variety are overshadowed by meta-links of the “CONDE NAST IS TAKING OUR FREEDOMS!!!1” variety.

So, consider this a call to all Redditors: vote interesting, fresh links up and boring, repetitive links down. Save your site before it goes even further down the toilet.

I used to think Reddit was better than Digg. It used to have links to articles that were truly interesting; now, we get the same old stories, the same old pictures, day in and day out. I suppose the only solution is to build a news site that has an IQ test its users must complete before they can register:

“Would you rather see a story about Bush making a monkey face, or a story about concurrency in Haskell?” “TEH FIRST 1!” “No, you fail.”

That could work.


Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2006

I got a Wii and a DS Lite for Christmas; I’ll have a more thorough review tomorrow. Merry Christmas everyone!

Well, um, hmm…

December 20, 2006

Not much to say right now.

I just finnished playing Okami.  Great, if a little sparse in terms of story.  Definitely recommended.

Christmas is only five days away.  I’m hoping to get a Wii.

Prolog is quite possibly the coolest language ever.  I won’t go in to why I like it now, since I’ll probably hate it in a week or so.  But if it works out, I’ll share more.


November 30, 2006

I haven’t posted in a while.  I haven’t really had anything to say.  Here’s a quick list of random thoughts:

I just repartitioned my hard drive with Partition Magic.  No data was lost.  Woot.

I’ve been playing around with Haskell lately, but I went back to OCaml.  I just like OCaml more.

It would be really cool if someone had the last name “Blog”.  I remember seeing the credits in a TV show the other night, and someone’s last name was Blog.  If my last name was Blog, I’d feel really special.

I think I’m going to write something on why I don’t have a MySpace.  Everyone at my school is shocked that I don’t have one, but personally, I just think it’s stupid.

I really wish I would stop getting alerts from my system tray that Java is ready to be updated.

At the bottom of this page…

November 12, 2006

…you will find a very small smiley face image. I wonder why it’s there. The government must be watching us.

A First Real Post

November 12, 2006

I decided to leave the automated Hello World post on here, just because I couldn’t think of anything better for a first post. I’ll be talking about a few different things here, most prominently computer programming and politics. Enjoy the insights of a 14 year old.