Rube Goldberg

This is another crazy conspiracy theory. It’s about OCaml rather than Java technology, but it’s still pretty crazy.

OK, so I was playing around with the char_of_int function in the OCaml interpreter. Below is a snippet of the session:

char_of_int 150;;
-: char = 'Rube Goldberg'

However, that’s not what it originally said. The single quotes originally contained a small rectangular character. I copy it, and when I pasted it to the next line, it came out as “Rube Goldberg”, and the character above it turned into “Rube Goldberg” as well. I am not making this up. I can only assume Rube Goldberg is the head of the INRIA, and this is all part of his sadistic plot to take over the world. So far, I have been unable to replicate this behavior. These are the exact steps:

1) Type “char_of_int 3;;” and press Enter.

2) Type “char_of_int 150;;” and press Enter.

3) Copy the rectangular character that is output, and paste it to the next input line. You’ll see it come out as “Rube Goldberg”, and the rectangle above will change to “Rube Goldberg” as well.

Again, this has only happened once, but if anyone else can get it to work, I’d appreciate hearing about it.


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