Programming Language Promiscuity

A few factors keep me from getting programming work done. Starting with the most severe, they are as follows:

1) The habbit of bouncing from language to language like a rabbit on crack.

2) The fact that talking about programming is slightly more fun than programming itself.

3) The tendancy to form project ideas around whatever language I think is “cool” at the moment, rather than coming up with an idea and then choosing the language that would best suite it.

4) School.

5) Video games (Okami at the moment, soon to be FF III).

6) Necessary human functions, like eating, sleeping, etc.

#1 is the factor that I’ll be talking about in this entry.

Whenever I hear about a new language, I get the irrestible urge to try it out. Whenver I see a phrase in a blog to the effect of “well, I’ve been toying with language x recently, and…”, I instantly go to the language’s website to download the compiler/interpreter. While I watch the progress bar on the download fill up, I think “oh boy oh boy this is going to be great I’m going to learn a cool new language and I’ll probably love it and it will solve all my problems real easy and it’ll be great and I’ll probably love this language forever and I’ll tell all my friends about it and I’ll put its logos on my website and I’m going to become this language’s biggest advocate and this is going to be great my whole life is going to be changed because of language x and OH MY GOSH YAY!!!!!11111112”.

Wow, I didn’t mean to type all of that. But that is an accurate description of what goes through my head.

Ten minutes after installing the language and writing a few simple programs, I get bored with it, and go right back to the interweb to see what Paul Graham has written recently.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe I could fix this by fixing #3: actually come up with an idea and see it through to the end. The last major project I finnished was a Tetris clone, and that was back in July (I also wrote a little Pong game to get aquainted with Java GUIs, but I don’t count that as major). I’m working on a super-mini RPG in C# right now; I’ll go back to that. Expect updates.


3 Responses to “Programming Language Promiscuity”

  1. OCaml Rocks your Socks « Quoted For Truth Says:

    […] Quoted For Truth A Blog Floating Around in a Tube on the Internet « Programming Language Promiscuity […]

  2. Tetris Says:

    if you are into Tetris you shall check out this online tetris website where you can play all kinda tetris games online 🙂

  3. Jacobian Says:

    I definitely have this problem!

    I think I’m pretty happy with the ML family of languages though. I really like haskell, but it is hard to imagine writing an MMORPG in it. OCaML on the other hand… Well it is actually nearly ideal. You can even use OCaML as the scripting language!

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