My Thoughts on the PlayStation 3 Launch

I don’t understand how people could wait for weaks to get a game console. Yes, weeks; they’ve been out there since the beginning of November. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a gamer too. I know how exciting a product launch can be, especially when said product is a new console.  But I’d never buy it on launch day.  I’d wait for a month or two, then walk into the store and get it with no hassle, and no risk of getting shot or mauled.

At least there won’t be a line for the Wii.  These people don’t know what they’ll be missing.


2 Responses to “My Thoughts on the PlayStation 3 Launch”

  1. spadethegecko Says:

    Actually the Wii had people waiting in line as well, and some are on eBay for over $500.

    P.S., this is Josh.

  2. Jimmy Says:

    Glad to see you made it 🙂

    I certainly didn’t predict any lines for the Wii. I think this sums up the differences between the PS3 and Wii lines quite nicely, though:

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